Jennifer has the unique ability to listen to not only your physical symptoms, but also your inner world, and then take an integrated approach that seems to address both.  She has been one of the most effective acupuncturists / herbalists that I have ever worked with.  She brings a variety of well honed tools to her practice and uses them like a five-star chef uses seasonings — to perfection.

— Rosanne R.

On our first meeting, Jennifer immediately put me at ease.  She explained, after performing a few tests, that I needed to simply experience the process.  Our first meeting had a profound effect on me.  As time went on, I learned to take a much more holistic view to my health.  An ache or pain was often an emotional issue that was not being addressed.  I witnessed first hand how fears I had long since dismissed affected my energy level and flow, relationships, concentration, and digestion.   Jennifer’s combination of wisdom and compassion has moved mountains within me.  I attribute much of my personal growth to her skill and the kindness with which it is administered.

— Markus W.

12 years ago, I had the good fortune of finding Jennifer Buys. I have continued after many years to seek her expertise and nurturing touch. She is the “Fred Meyer” of healing practitioners as she is a one-stop shop with her massive array of tools ranging from massage, to acupuncture, to Chinese herbs, and to Reiki. I have been blessed to have found such a gifted and warm practitioner and recommend her highly.

— Molly P.